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Abandoned Cat Without Eyes Finds Hope And A New Home

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Meet Hope, The abandoned blind cat who never gave up on life. Her name perfectly describes her inspiring story.

Hope was already abandoned when she was only 4-month old, she was found in an Ikea parking lot in December. The Burlington Humane Society found her with her mother Charity and her sister Joy.

“This sweet 4 month old kitten suffers from Micropthalmia, which literally means ‘small eye.’ Hope was born with two very tiny non-functional eyes and is completely blind” the shelter wrote on their Facebook, along with pictures of the kitten. Janet Cappus, the adoption counselor said, “She definitely caught the hearts of a lot of people.” She went on to say, “She’s incredibly intelligent and find her way around.” Her story touched so many people from the community that donations came pouring in and Hope was able to receive her much-needed surgery to remove her non-functional eyes. That surgery took place earlier this month.

Hope’s mother and sister were adopted together, While Hope is still patiently awaiting her forever home due to her special needs. “She’s the most playful kitten… anything with a spring or a ball, if she could hear it, she was playing with it. She would run all around the room” Cappus added.

Not long after, Hope finally found her match “Her new dad says she’s already found her favorite spot on the couch,” Cappus said.


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