Readers’ Choice 2023: Your Favorite Desktop PC, Components, and Accessories

In today’s digital age, while laptops have become increasingly powerful and versatile, desktop PCs remain the preferred choice for many users, particularly gamers and power users who need robust performance. According to PCMag’s Readers’ Choice survey, these are the top desktop PC brands and components for 2023.

The Best Desktop PCs for 2023

For those who prioritize performance and upgradability, desktop PCs offer several advantages over laptops. They are generally more affordable, easier to upgrade, and can house the fastest and highest-capacity components available. This year, PCMag’s survey highlights Apple and Asus as leading brands in the desktop PC category.

Apple continues its winning streak with the highest ratings in overall satisfaction, reliability, ease of use, technical support, and setup. However, the cost remains a significant downside for many users. On the other hand, Asus stands out for its repair satisfaction and is a top choice for Windows users, especially gamers. Asus shares the Readers’ Choice award for gaming desktop PCs with Dell’s Alienware, both earning high marks for gaming performance and ease of use.

Top Graphics Cards and Chip Makers for 2023

A crucial component for any gaming PC is the graphics card, responsible for rendering images on the monitor. This year, Gigabyte takes the Readers’ Choice award for graphics cards, offering both Nvidia- and AMD-based options. Despite EVGA’s exit from the market, which skewed satisfaction ratings, Gigabyte emerged as a reliable choice with high marks in ease of use and overall satisfaction.

When it comes to the graphics chip makers themselves, Nvidia leads the pack in overall satisfaction, ease of use, and reliability, narrowly surpassing AMD. However, AMD excels in cost and value satisfaction and likelihood to recommend, likely due to Nvidia’s higher price points.

 Preferred Keyboards and Mice for 2023

Keyboards and mice are essential peripherals that can significantly impact user experience. Logitech dominates the keyboard category, particularly in ergonomic and wireless models. While Apple keyboards receive high satisfaction ratings, they are less practical for non-Mac users. Logitech’s versatile range of keyboards, including models designed for gaming and mechanical use, secures its place as the top choice for PC users.

For mice, Logitech once again emerges as the favorite, offering a wide variety of models catering to different needs, from tiny wired devices to ergonomic and gaming-specific mice. Logitech’s ergonomic mice outshine those from Microsoft, and its gaming mice lead over brands like Corsair and Razer in user satisfaction.

In summary, the 2023 Readers’ Choice survey by PCMag reveals that users continue to favor certain brands for their desktop PCs and components. Apple and Asus lead the desktop PC market, Gigabyte is the top choice for graphics cards, and Logitech remains the preferred brand for both keyboards and mice. Whether you’re building a high-performance gaming rig or seeking reliable peripherals, these brands are highly recommended by PCMag readers for their outstanding satisfaction and performance.

In conclusion, the 2023 Readers’ Choice survey by PCMag highlights the brands that users trust and prefer for their desktop PCs and components. Apple and Asus lead the pack in desktop PC satisfaction, with Asus also excelling in the gaming PC category alongside Dell’s Alienware. Gigabyte shines in the graphics card market, particularly with Nvidia-based options. Logitech continues to dominate the keyboard and mouse categories, offering high-quality, reliable peripherals for various user needs. Whether you’re a gamer, a professional, or a casual user, these brands offer products that promise excellent performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. For the best computing experience, these brands are your go-to choices.

Ultimately, choosing the right desktop PC and components is crucial for an optimal computing experience. PCMag’s 2023 Readers’ Choice survey provides valuable insights into the top-performing brands, helping consumers make informed decisions. Trust these brands for quality, performance, and satisfaction in your next tech purchase.

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