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Dogs Meet Their Newest Kitten Sibling For First Time & Can’t Get Enough Of Her

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It’s not every day that you see a cat who is best friends with one dog, let alone three!

This cat has the greatest protectors: three doggy siblings who absolutely adore her. Two Golden Retrievers and a Husky just can’t get enough of their kitty friend.

Little do they know, they’re about to have another one!

The cat was pregnant and just gave birth to an adorable kitten. She spent a lot of time with her new baby, nursing her and bonding with her.

But now it was time for the newborn kitten to meet her older siblings. The three dogs sat by the gate, watching the kitten in awe.

When they finally got to meet her, they sat in a circle around her and just watched her every move. They were super gentle with her and it was clear that this kitten fit right into their furry family.

But the baby kitten wasn’t the only one who got comforted by the dogs. The mama cat also got some cuddle time with her doggy siblings.


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