Exploring Apple Watch Series 9: A Comprehensive and Smart Health Tracker

The Apple Watch Series 9 offers a multitude of convenient features such as Siri, health tracking, and a two-day battery life with just a double-tap.

After three months of use, the Apple Watch Series 9 has provided users with many exciting experiences. This smartwatch is hailed as the best choice for Apple ecosystem users due to its flexible and easy-to-navigate interface, along with various health tracking options and seamless integration with Apple products.

Unveiling the Highlights of Apple Watch Series 9

Enhanced Health Features on Siri

The most intriguing feature of the Apple Watch Series 9 is its ability to answer health-related queries developed on Siri. While Apple announced this feature during the watch’s launch in September, it waas only rolled out to Series 9 through a software update in December. Series 9 and Ultra 2 are the only Apple Watch models to support this feature due to the requirement of Apple’s latest processors at the time.

Instead of checking health reports on your phone or watch screen, you can now simply ask Siri questions related to your health. For instance, inquiries like “How many steps have I taken this week?” or “How was my sleep last night?” can be easily answered by Siri.

However, Siri’s health feature is limited and cannot provide more advanced analyses such as suggesting optimal sleep times based on daily habits or evaluating the quality of sleep from the previous night. Hopefully, Apple will make further improvements in future Series iterations.

 Smart Double Tap Feature

Another interesting feature on the Apple Watch Series 9 is Double Tap. As the name suggests, Double Tap allows you to navigate the watch by tapping your thumb and pinky finger together without touching the watch screen.

You can use Double Tap to answer and dismiss calls, play or pause music, respond to text messages via voice, manage timers, and take photos with your iPhone using the Camera Remote app. This feature enables convenient control of the Apple Watch Series 9 in situations where touching the screen is not feasible.

Comprehensive Health Tracking Device

The Apple Watch Series 9 is also fully equipped with health monitoring features, serving as a comprehensive health tracking device. These utility features include:

– ECG monitoring
– High and low heart rate notifications
– Irregular heart rhythm notifications
– Blood oxygen monitoring
– Overnight temperature measurement
– Sleep tracking
– Various workout modes
– Automatic detection of exercises like walking, running, and cycling
– Mindfulness app for breathing exercises and mood tracking

While the Series 9 offers essential health features, Apple could further develop its understanding of the health data collected by the Apple Watch. For example, providing insights into users’ readiness for workouts or rest based on factors like activity and sleep, similar to products from Garmin, Oura, or Fitbit.

 Battery Life of Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch Series 9 has a battery life ranging from about 1 day to 2 days depending on the user’s usage needs. This is relatively average compared to other smartwatches in the same segment. However, when compared to the Apple Watch Ultra 2, the Series 9 has significantly lower battery life under the same conditions and time frame.

Without exercise activity, sleep tracking, or outdoor walks, the Apple Watch Series 9 can last for about two days without needing a charge. However, after a day of active use with about 30 to 40 minutes of indoor exercise and an outdoor walk, combined with overnight sleep monitoring, the Series 9 battery only retains about 35% charge by the morning.

Additionally, the charging capability of the Apple Watch Series 9 is impressive. In fact, the Series 9 charges quite quickly, reaching from 35% to 92% in just 30 minutes.

While not vastly different from the Series 8, the Apple Watch Series 9 remains a worthwhile smartwatch to own, bringing many changes that mark promising advancements for the Apple Watch lineup.

With updates like Siri’s ability to answer health-related questions and the Double Tap feature, it’s clear that the Apple Watch Series 9 will offer many exciting features and serve as a useful health device for users.

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