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Grey’s Anatomy: 9 Things Fans Love About Alex

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9 . He Has Changed So Much Since Season 1

A fan shared in a thread on Reddit that they love Alex’s “outstanding” character development. This is definitely one of the main reasons why fans of Grey’s Anatomy consider him to be a favorite character.

While Alex can be described as a jerk in season 1, he became much sweeter once he started creating relationships with others at the hospital, and when he began exploding pediatrics. Seeing Alex’s kindness being shown through him helping others, it has been wonderful and moving to see him open up his heart. Fans appreciate how much inner work he has done on himself.

8. He’s Incredibly Caring

Another fan said that their favorite thing about Alex is how he cares about other people, writing, “I hope he can finally find someone who will care for him as much as he cares and looks out for everyone else!” This was written several years ago, and since then, Alex has committed to Jo and then decided that he’s really meant to be with Izzie. While not every fan likes that Alex left Jo to raise his kids with Izzie, it does speak to his compassion and the love that he has for others. He can’t turn this part of himself off and he’s always going to go the extra mile for the people in his life.

7. His Friendship With Meredith

A Grey’s Anatomy viewer wrote in a Reddit thread that Alex and Meredith’s friendship is great to watch and that Meredith has had a really positive influence on him. This is definitely true, as once Cristina left, Meredith wanted Alex to be her “person” and Alex was able to step up and take that place in her life.

These two characters love each other and it wouldn’t have been surprising if the writers decided to have them be romantically involved. However, it’s nice that they decided to go against this and maintain their strong and long-term friendship instead. Even those who think Alex is too cold and harsh can appreciate that he’s always there for Meredith.

6. He Helps Meredith After Derek’s Death

A fan posted that they love how Alex helped Meredith in season 12. They wrote, “Post-Derek when Meredith is healing, [we see] some of the best Alex in my opinion because we really see the unabashedly tender and platonic feelings he has for Meredith.” Losing Derek was one of the worst things Meredith has dealt with, and fans really appreciate that Alex offered Meredith unconditional support through this tragic time.

5. Alex And Cristina Had A Great Bond

A viewer shared in a Reddit thread that Alex and Cristina’s bond is one reason why they love him. They wrote, “I loved them! How she still called him Evil Spawn was a throwback to the earlier seasons. They always had this competitive streak between them and it was never forgotten and always there.”

Both characters are independent and tough, and it was always nice to see them interacting. Many fans noted how competitive they could be with each other, but this made their scenes fun and entertaining to watch, as friendly competition makes for some hilarious and dramatic moments.

4. He Can Be Seen As The “Underdog”

A Grey’s Anatomy fan noted that Alex can be described as the “underdog” of the show. They explained that he “came from nothing to be a surgeon. He’s the underdog. He wasn’t the best in his class, but he worked hard to get to where he is.” They mentioned that he worked his way up and even became the Chief for a period of time. While not everyone thought that he would succeed, he proved them to be very wrong.

3 .He Lets Jo Into His Life And Talks About His Childhood

A fan shared on Reddit that they love that Alex talked to Jo about his childhood.

While it’s true that Alex and Izzie did end up together, many fans feel that Jo and Alex had a great romance, and part of that was how they bonded over their pasts. Alex and Izzie also connected because they had difficult times growing up, but Alex and Jo in particular felt that they would never amount to anything.

No matter how fans feel about the conclusion to Alex’s story, it’s possible to imagine Alex staying with Jo if he never found out about the kids that he shares with Izzie, as Alex was able to open up to Jo and this was a big moment for him.

2. His Arc And Personality Are Even Better When Re-Watching The Show

A fan wrote on Reddit that they love re-watching Alex and they explained, ” Alex is a character that you have to watch a few times to really see him. There are so many moments that I have seen when I’ve rewatched the show that have made me fall in love with him.”

With a popular show like Grey’s Anatomy that has so many seasons, it’s a lot of fun to go back and re-watch entire seasons or just favorite episodes, and it sounds like some viewers find that Alex makes a lot of sense when they revisit the series. It’s definitely possible to see his character growth.

1. He’s An Incredible Doctor

In another Reddit thread about Alex, a fan wrote that Alex is a great doctor and explained, “I fell in love with Alex when he grew the trachea for the little girl. It was when she couldn’t listen to her music and he started singing for her. That’s when I started to really notice what a great doctor he is with his patients.”

It’s true that when comparing Alex to the other characters, he does care so much about the people he helps, and he does take his work super seriously.

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