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Grey’s for Days! Check Out Our Photo Gallery of Everyone Who We Know’s in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Cast

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When Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC for its 18th season on Thurs., Sept. 30, the series’ roster will be down a couple longtime cast members.It’ll also be coming on the heels of a 17th season that saw series protagonist Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) fighting for her life in the COVID ward—which led to the unexpected returns of several beloved former Grey’s Anatomy cast members, who died many seasons back but returned to visit Meredith while she hovered between life and de***.


The second, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) , he bid farewell to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on his own terms, resigning from his position as Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Seattle hospital in order to travel to Boston , head up his family‘s multi-million dollar foundation with his ex-wife April (Sarah Drew) and their daughter Harriet in tow.

There, Jackson hoped to revolutionize the world of modern medicine, bringing affordable and equitable healthcare to marginalized communities.Recovered COVID patient Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) impulsively decided to jump ship and join him, hoping to find meaning through helping others.

So after all that, who’s left in the main Grey’s Anatomy cast going into Season 18, and where are they in their storylines? And will the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial be visited by any more fan favorites from seasons past? Scroll through our gallery to see everyone we know (or strongly believe!) will appear in the cast of Grey’s Anatomy Season 18.

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