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Heroic Dog Runs Through Flames to Rescue Little Kitten Friend

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In this time of pandemic that we’re currently living in, positive news often go unnoticed. People are so obsessed with politics and drama that we miss heroic acts that happened around the world. Take this one from for example, Not everyone knows the story of this brave dog, The dog risked its own life to save a little kitten from a house fire.

Few months ago, A fire broke out in the City of Donetsk that cause massive explosion spreading clouds of smoke and ash over the sky. The thick smoke coming from the explosion can be seen up to 5 km away. The residents had toflee, grabbing their precious possessions, including their pets.


However, One resident forgot about his pet companions – His pets were trapped inside and no one could get to it. The poor owner watched his house collapse before his very eyes, due to the furious burning fire. All he is hoping for was to see his dog come out alive and safe.

Miraculously, a familiar sight of a silhouette emerged from the house’s front door – his brave and heroic dog! He was holding a little kitten in his mouth. Both the Dog and the kitten were unharmed. They were best buddies and loves to spent whole days playing with each other.

The dog took a huge risk to save his little friend. It’s fair to say that humans wouldn’t do the same, but dogs are special creatures. The moral of this story is that we should never leave anyone behind. If this brave dog could do it, so could you.


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