Is iPhone 12 Still Worth Buying in 2024?

It’s been about three years since its debut, and the iPhone 12, in particular, and the iPhone 12 series, in general, have ushered in a new era for smartphones with their flat design that combines nostalgia and elegance. But after all this time, is the iPhone 12 still worth buying? Let’s find out in this article!

Premium Design, Brand Affirmation – Is iPhone 12 Still Worth Buying?

The iPhone 12 has never ceased to be hot. As a premium product from its inception, the iPhone 12 is undoubtedly made from Apple’s finest components. With its durable aluminum frame, the iPhone 12 is less prone to scratches or dents. Additionally, due to its aluminum build, the product is significantly lighter compared to the steel-framed version.

The comfortable grip design further enhances its appeal. With its lightweight build, users will find it more comfortable to hold the device. However, proper device maintenance is essential to prevent oxidation of the frame, so users should take note of this.

The exterior of the iPhone 12 is undeniably irresistible. Since the iPhone 12 version, the Apple logo has been centered on the back, creating a harmonious and balanced feel. The camera module has also been subtly protruded, making the iPhone 12’s back panel more elegant and luxurious.

With this flat design, there’s no need to worry about the iPhone 12 becoming outdated, as its design isn’t vastly different from the latest iPhone models. And with a price tag of just over 15 million VND, the iPhone 12 remains very much deserving of being one of the most modern and premium-designed products available today.

Powerful Performance, Excellent Operating System – The Plus Points of iPhone 12

Seamless gaming experience with iPhone 12. Despite being on the market for a while, the specifications of the iPhone 12 can still meet every user’s basic to advanced needs.

Equipped with the Apple A14 Bionic chip and 4 GB of RAM, the iPhone 12 allows users to easily experience heavy games at reasonable settings. Games like Arena of Valor or PUBG Mobile pose no challenge to the A14 Bionic, delivering smooth processing of details and images without any lag.

However, prolonged gaming sessions may cause the device to heat up quickly, leading to decreased performance and potential lag or FPS drops during gameplay, so users should take note of this.

Not only does the iPhone 12 provide smooth gaming performance, but it also allows for easy editing of graphics-intensive videos. Many people currently use the iPhone 12 to edit videos or images effortlessly.

iPhone 12 Boasts a Sharp Display Enhancing Entertainment

The sharp display is a hallmark of Apple’s billion-dollar brand. With Super Retina XDR display technology and OLED panels, the images on the iPhone 12 are sharper, with deep blacks and a wide color gamut, making entertainment and movie-watching more enjoyable than ever before.

The 6.1-inch screen size, coupled with the notch design for the front camera, may not appeal to some, but personally, it’s a clever design choice by Apple.

The introduction of 5G connectivity on the iPhone 12 not only increases the display space but also helps Apple create a distinctive feature of iPhones compared to other smartphones on the market, making the brand more recognizable to users.

The iPhone 12’s Camera System Still Holds Up Well, Capturing Beautiful Images

There’s no need to analyze too much about the camera on iPhones because they always satisfy users, especially female users. The iPhone 12 features a 12 MP camera setup on both the main and ultra-wide sensors.

Images captured from the iPhone 12’s rear camera still maintain the characteristic crispness of iPhone cameras. Portrait shots are very authentic, with skin tones adjusted well, and slightly inclined towards a gentle yellow hue, making them very pleasing and beautiful.

The front camera also performs well, capturing very sharp selfies with well-adjusted skin tones, making the iPhone 12 one of the best camera-equipped products in the near-premium segment currently available.

Good Battery Life, Handling All Tasks in a Day

With a battery capacity of just 2,815 mAh, the iPhone 12 can completely meet users’ basic needs throughout the day. With office tasks and light gaming, users can get 6-7 hours of on-screen time before needing to recharge.

Of course, continuous 4G usage or high screen brightness may deplete the battery more quickly. Furthermore, the iPhone 12 may not be suitable for heavy gamers as the battery life will decrease rapidly during extended gaming sessions.

Aside from these considerations, with the battery capacity of the iPhone 12, users can use it continuously for most of a workday for basic tasks such as web browsing, Facebook, TikTok, or playing simple games.

And if the battery runs out, the device can be quickly charged with 20W fast charging technology, taking less than an hour to fully charge and resume normal use, so users don’t have to worry too much about the iPhone 12’s battery life.

With the price now reduced to under 15 million VND, the iPhone 12 is definitely a product worth investing in at the present time. Featuring a modern, premium design, the product also boasts good specifications and a modern camera system.

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