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Makchang 막창

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1. Ingredients for pork Makchang

-Primary ingredients: Pig’s large intestines
-Secondary ingredients: Deonjang sauce

2. Introduction to Makchang

Koreans enjoy different parts of cow or pig. Especially they enjoy Doeji-makchang, large intestines of pig, and So-makchang, stomach of cow, which would directly be sent to dumpster in other countries.

Makchang was invented by the people to celebrate the King Seonjo’s accession to the throne in the Joseon Dynasty era, and it’s believed that the King gave a prize to people who invented the dish.

But it became popularized long after that. It got famous when the mass breeding of cow or pig was allowed since the 1970s.

Although the meat was used for the disk, the intestines were all thrown out because nobody knew how to eat them. Makchang spread all over the nation when it’s grilled with charcoal and served with Deonjang sauce after trying new recipes in Daegu.

The reason they are not enjoyed in the West is because it’s considered to be too chewy and smelly.

But Korean people have a special skill to make it delicious.

First of all, you have to remove all the fat to remove the smell, rub it using flour and salt, and then wash it off a few times. In order to soften the meat, add fruit juice (kiwi and pineapple) or artificial meat tenderizer for a day.

When it’s done, the meat won’t smell gross or too chewy, it will be soft and properly chewy.

Makchang is grilled over charcoal or briquette for its scent. So it smells like smoked ham.

You dip grilled Makchang in Deonjang sauce. Makchang is served with Deonjang sauce, which is tastier and less salty than regular Deonjang so it adds more flavor to Makchang.

Daegu is the most popular city when it comes to Makchang since it was the first city to try it.

There’s even a street that you can eat Makchang. It’s not a fancy big street but an old street with small restaurants.

You will notice people grilling Makchang themselves outdoors on the street look like they’re having a big barbecue party.

If you’re planning to go to Daegu, I strongly suggest that you try Makchang and soju on Makchang Street at night.

3. Kinds of Makchang

Pork is popular in Korea because beef is quite expensive. There are also two kinds of Makchang, one is pig’s large intestines and the other is cow’s ones but the pig is preferred for cheaper price.

Both are basically grilled meat and you should dip it in Deonjang sauce right before you eat it.

You could also order spicy pig Makchang seasoned with Gochujang paste.

– Doeji-makchang(pig’s intestines): The last part of pig’s intestines that looks like a coin and contains a large portion of fat which tastes so good

– Yangnyeom-doeji-makchang: Doeji-makchang seasoned with Gochujang paste

– So-makchang(cow’s intestines): Cow’s fourth stomach(abomasum) that looks broad and wrinkled and chewier than the pig’s ones

4, How to enjoy Makchang even more

Makchang should be served hot after it’s grilled with charcoal fire or briquette fire. It should be grilled by you according to your appetite, not by the cook of the restaurant.

When the outer skin is properly grilled, you should cut it into bite-size pieces.

(Koreans also use kitchen scissors so you shouldn’t be worried.)

And you should grill small pieces until they’re completely grilled. If not, they might smell and too chewy.

You’ve got to grill them until they get crispy.

Dip properly-grilled Makchang pieces in Deonjang sauce and you should drink when you taste toasted oil spreads in your mouth.

Makchang is quite oily cuisine so soju goes well with it than fruity wine or beer that makes you full any time soon.

Plus, you can enjoy different tastes of Makchang with different kinds of Ssam(outer leaves of vegetables).

Makchang was originated in Daegu but it got popular throughout Korea so you can eat it anywhere not to mention near your hotel or any downtown.

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