Motorola’s Moto G85 5G: Sleek Design, Impressive Specs, and a Controversial Omission

Motorola, a powerhouse in the smartphone industry, is on the brink of unveiling its latest mid-range marvel, the Moto G85 5G. As leaks pour in, the device promises a blend of stylish aesthetics and strong performance. However, it also brings a significant change that may not sit well with all fans.

Design and Display: Curves and Colors Galore

The Moto G85 5G stands out with its sleek, modern design. Leaked images showcase a device with pronounced screen curves, exceptionally thin bezels, and a centered hole-punch camera. This design choice is particularly noteworthy for a mid-range phone, typically reserved for higher-end models. The 6.67-inch P-OLED display, rumored to feature FHD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, promises vibrant visuals and smooth performance.

Adding to its aesthetic appeal, the Moto G85 5G is expected to sport a vegan leather finish, especially striking in a bright green hue. This combination of premium materials and eye-catching colors sets it apart from its predecessors and competitors in the mid-range segment.

 Specs and Performance: Powering Up with Snapdragon

Under the hood, the Moto G85 5G is rumored to house a new Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 processor. This octa-core chipset, clocked up to 2.3GHz and paired with an Adreno 619 GPU, is anticipated to deliver robust performance. This marks a significant upgrade over the Snapdragon 695 found in the Moto G84 5G, offering enhanced speed and efficiency.

The device is expected to come with 8GB of RAM and a generous 256GB of internal storage. Powering this setup is a substantial 5,000mAh battery, supporting 33W fast charging, ensuring that the phone can handle a full day of use with ease. Weighing in at a relatively light 173 grams, the Moto G85 5G balances power and portability.

Camera Capabilities: Sharp and Versatile

Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the Moto G85 5G’s camera setup. The primary camera is expected to be a 50MP sensor with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), promising sharp and steady shots. Complementing this is a 9MP secondary sensor designed for ultra-wide-angle and macro photography, adding versatility to the camera system.

On the front, the Moto G85 5G is rumored to feature a significant upgrade with a 32MP selfie camera, a step up from the 16MP front shooter on the Moto G84 5G. This enhancement is likely to appeal to users who prioritize high-quality selfies and video calls.

The Big Omission: No Headphone Jack

Despite its impressive features, the Moto G85 5G comes with a notable omission: the 3.5mm headphone jack. This decision marks a departure from Motorola’s tradition of including this feature in its mid-range devices. While the company has phased out the headphone jack in its high-end models, its removal from a budget-friendly phone could frustrate many users who prefer wired audio solutions.

This move might signal a broader trend among affordable smartphones, potentially influencing other brands to follow suit. However, for now, it remains a contentious point that may affect the Moto G85 5G’s reception among long-time Motorola fans.

 Market Prospects: Awaiting Official Launch

The Moto G85 5G is expected to launch soon, with a starting price around €300 in Europe. This price point positions it as a strong contender in the mid-range market, offering significant value for its features. However, an official release in the United States seems unlikely at this stage, although future models may eventually make their way stateside.

In conclusion, the Moto G85 5G promises to be a compelling option for mid-range smartphone buyers, offering a blend of stylish design, powerful performance, and versatile camera capabilities. However, its lack of a headphone jack could be a deal-breaker for some. As we await the official launch, it will be interesting to see how the market responds to Motorola’s latest creation.

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