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Off-grid skateboard house on stilts has its own ramp

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For everyone who lives and breathes skateboarding, this house is the stuff of dreams – the front deck doubles as a skate ramp.

It is probably just as well it appears reasonably isolated in the countryside, because we can only imagine the noise when the owner puts it to good use.

The Skate House, near Rosario in Argentina, was designed for a client who loves skateboarding. The house is on stilts as it is within a flood plain.

The 76 square-metre family home, in the Paraná river islands area of Rosario, Argentina was designed last year by Macu Bulgubure, for a client who also wanted an eco-friendly house.

The curved timber ramp has already provided hours of fun for the owner.

The owner requested a house that was “sustainable and skatable”, Bulgubure says. “The outer deck becomes a runway, then a wall to the south… and ends at eaves blocking the high summer sun.”

The ramp curves on the left to finish on a raised platform. Photo by Walter Salcedo

Adding to the fear factor, the house is built on stilts because the land is in a flood zone. It is also off-grid. Electricity is provided by photovoltaic panels; water comes from the river and a rain harvesting system; hot water is generated in a solar hot water tank; and sewage is treated in a biodigester.

The ramp frames the view of the surrounding countryside.

The steel-framed house is clad in a combination of veneer and waterproofed wood, and the interior is also lined with wood.

The living area opens out to the ramp and the view. Photo by Walter Salcedo

The huge curved ramp is not the only feature of the house, which sits lightly on the land. Timber battens, both horizontal and vertical, filter the light and create a strong visual geometry, both inside and out.

Timber also lines the interior of the house. Photo by Walter Salcedo

There is also a “quiet” deck at right angles to the skate ramp for outdoor dining, and a cantilevered deck extends the bedroom retreat on the upper level. What’s not to love?

At 76 square metres, the house is not large, but the open-plan design and double-height volume in the sitting area makes it feel spacious.

A cantilevered deck extends from the bedroom on the upper level. Photo by Walter Salcedo

An entertaining deck is at right angles to the skateboard ramp.

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