Reviewing the iPad Gen 9: Still Hot After 2 Years, Packing a Punch at Just Over 7 Million VN

Introduction: Unveiling the Practicality of iPad Gen 9

Have you ever experienced the most practical tablet that changed your perceptions significantly? After some time, I found myself reconsidering the so-called “budget” iPad that has been making waves lately – the iPad Gen 9. Priced at around 7 million VND for a brand-new iPad with sleek aesthetics and sufficient performance, the iPad Gen 9 has become a compelling choice for many users at this juncture. Despite its affordable cost, this tablet offers versatility, from entertainment to communication, serving multiple purposes such as keeping parents updated with news, watching movies, facilitating online learning for children, or simply indulging in personal entertainment and swift task handling.

1. Why I Chose iPad Gen 9

In the current landscape, finding an iPad that meets the criteria of being good, affordable, and capable is not a far-fetched dream. And indeed, the iPad Gen 9 stands out as the “best” iPad currently available, capable of meeting the diverse needs of ordinary users, including myself.

2. Familiar Design, Yet Satisfactory

Remaining loyal to the traditional design language since the first iPad, the iPad Gen 9 retains its aluminum frame with relatively thick top and bottom edges. It’s not until the latest iPad Gen 10 that Apple revamped the design language akin to the iPad Pro and iPad Air. Although the design may seem outdated, it exudes a sense of sophistication that not every manufacturer can achieve.

3. Adequate Screen for Daily Tasks

While budget iPads often receive criticism for mediocre screen quality, the iPad Gen 9 manages to offer a decent display. Equipped with IPS LCD technology, it provides good viewing angles and retains the sharpness expected from Apple’s Retina standard, boasting a resolution of 1620 x 2160 pixels. With a 10.2-inch screen and a 4:3 aspect ratio, the iPad Gen 9 excels in displaying various content, from watching movies to web browsing and gaming.

4. Decent Cameras

Featuring an 8 MP primary camera and a 12 MP selfie camera, the iPad Gen 9 delivers average camera performance. While not a strong suit of Apple’s budget iPad lineup, the front camera sees improvements, supporting features like Center Stage for group calls via Zoom or Google Meet.

5. Robust Performance with the A13 Chip

Despite modest specifications compared to other tablets in the market, the iPad Gen 9 impresses with its performance. Powered by the A13 chip and 3 GB of RAM, it delivers smooth multitasking and handles everyday tasks with ease. Benchmark tests reveal impressive scores, showcasing Apple’s prowess in hardware optimization.

6. Smooth iPadOS Experience

iPadOS serves as the soul of any iPad produced by Apple. While some may demand a more optimized interface akin to Samsung’s Dex on Galaxy Tab, the essence of this operating system provides an excellent user experience. With smooth navigation and optimized features for both work and entertainment, iPadOS offers a seamless experience, especially when paired with other Apple devices.

7. Long-lasting Battery Life

Equipped with an 8557 mAh battery, the iPad Gen 9 offers exceptional battery life, lasting nearly two days with basic tasks. Whether it’s gaming or productivity, users can rely on the iPad Gen 9 to provide extended usage without frequent charging. Despite the large battery capacity, charging time remains reasonable at around two hours with a 20W charger.

The Apple iPad Gen 9 stands as one of the most worthwhile tablets to purchase in the current market. After over a year of usage, it continues to meet my needs seamlessly, from work to hardcore gaming sessions. Its impressive battery life remains a standout feature. If you’re in the market for a comprehensive tablet within the price range of around 7 million VND, the iPad Gen 9 is a device you shouldn’t overlook.

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