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Strange Martian Cloud Appears Again Over the Surface of Mars

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This new mysteriously long and thin cloud has recently been spotted all over again above the Arsia Mons volcano on Mars. You can see the cloud floating 20 kilometers above the volcano yourself, as it was captured by the ESA.

Despite the fact that the volcano has been inactive for at least 50 million years now. Skeptics still believe the cloud is a result of it, which is factually impossible according to experts.

Completely made out of water ice, this cloud is a scientific mystery to most experts out there.

Nicknamed the Arsia Mons Elongated Cloud, AMEC for short, nobody knows where it came from or why it’s there in the first place. Jorge Hernandez-Bernal, the Ph.D. candidate at the University of the Basque Country has stated on multiple occasions that this cloud appears every Martian year and that once every 80 days or so it reemerges out of nowhere.

A Martian year lasts for around 687 days or so and as far as we know. This cloud forms itself from scratch in less than three hours before it dissipates again. This is a massive cloud too, as it is said to stretch over more than 1,500km or so. It was originally spotted in 2018 too in late September.

The cloud was spotted again by the Mars Express as Eleni Ravanis, one of the workers for the Mars Express stated. That this couldn’t have been done if it were filmed any other time than the afternoon. As it is in a high elliptical orbit.

There are some that believe that this is an alien UFO disguising itself as a cloud. There is no proof of this matter though so we will not delve all that much deeper into it. Regardless though, this is still a strange discovery, to say the least.


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