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Strange Winged Creature Was Recorded! Angel, Demon, Ancient God or Something Else?

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A user on a social network managed to photograph something extremely bizarre. It’s about what looks like a winged creature. Richard Christianson was perplexed after he saw on the street a very tall humanoid creature that seemed to have wings.

As soon as Richard posted the pictures on the internet, it went viral. This winged creature has aroused the interest of ufologists and paranormal enthusiasts around the world. Richard asked the opinion of everyone who can help him understand what kind of being he was surprised.

Some of the “experts” came up with the hypothesis that this creature could be a winged demon. Others have stated that this creature could be the Ra God. But why would God Ra fly above a city these days? Another group of people supports the apocalypse hypothesis and they believe that the “End of Days” is approaching.

Upon closer analysis, the image does not appear to be altered in Photoshop or any similar program. There is also a more normal hypothesis.

One guy on the internet came up with the assumption that what you see in the photo is actually a palm tree and Richard would have done everything to become famous. But we cannot be sure of this hypothesis either.

Watch the following video and see for yourself:


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